Employment law deals with the rights and duties between employers and employees. It ensures that employees are treated fairly and that employers’ interests are protected. This area of practice involves the following issues arising in the workplace between employers and employees:

  • Advising companies, employers and employees on employment related legal matters, including appointment, rights and duties of employees and employers, termination of employment etc
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Advising and drafting employment policies, such as employee handbooks and manuals
  • Advising companies on managing confidential information, restraint of trade, non-competition clauses and intellectual property rights
  • Advising and representing companies in relation to enforcement of non-competition clauses and confidentiality agreements
  • Representing clients in actions against breaches of fiduciary duties, misuse of confidential information or intellectual property
  • Contractual disputes arising from termination of employees, payment of salary, bonuses or commissions
  • Disputes arising from wrongful termination
  • Advising employees on unlawful or unfair treatment, including harassment or discrimination

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