Bankruptcy law comes into play when an individual is unable to pay his or her debts. Bankruptcy proceedings may then be initiated so that the court may discharge the debts or order a scheme of repayment of the debts. This area of practice would involve the following:

  • Filing a bankruptcy petition in court
  • Obtaining a bankruptcy order from court
  • Preparing the proof of debt form
  • Advising on the suitability of a Debt Repayment Scheme

Insolvency law applies when the debtor is a company that is unable to repay its debts. This area of practice deals with the following matters:

  • Business advisory
  • Liquidation of a company
  • Judicial management
  • Receivership
  • Schemes of arrangement
  • Voluntary arrangements
  • Enforcement of creditors’ rights
  • Cross-border insolvency
  • Advising clients on debt restructuring

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